Top 5 Things To Consider As You Plan To Start A Family

Congratulations! You have decided to have a baby, but what comes next? Having a baby can bring about some feeling of anxiety but with the proper support and a plan for a healthy pregnancy you will do great! At Abaton Integrative Medicine, these are the top 5 things we encounter with our patients as they are preparing to have a child. Giving your baby the opportunity to lead a healthy lifestyle right from conception is the best gift you can give your child.
  1. Preparing Your Body

    Your body is your baby’s home for the next 9 months therefore, you want to create a nourishing environment. It is important to consider what you are eating. There are certain foods you will need to start consuming more of and others that you will have to eliminate all together. There is a lot of controversy with regards to what women should be eating when they are pregnant. It is important to consider food intolerances and stay away from foods that your body does not react well with. Get moving! Incorporate weekly exercise into your preconception plan. This will help maintain healthy circulation and support digestion and elimination. Maintaining a healthy body weight and BMI is important for conceiving as well as during your pregnancy.

  2. Listen to Your Body

    Listening to your body and understanding the signs and signals it sends you is important as you are trying to conceive. Start to take note of your cycle length, chart your Basal Body Temperature (BBT), note any PMS symptoms and track when you are ovulating. You can predict ovulation by checking the consistency of your cervical fluid or using ovulation test strips. Cervical fluid is a good indicator that ovulation is about to occur. It might be a bit embarrassing but take a look in the toilet after your have a bowel movement! Your stool can tell a lot about what is going on inside of your body and is a great indicator of the state of your health.

  3. Environmental Exposures

    Everyday we come in contact with various toxic substances whether it is through the use of personal care products or on the food we eat. We must be aware of the ingredients in the products we are using and start to make more educated choices to reduce our exposures. These exposures could be preventing you from becoming pregnant and may affect the health of your new baby. Even the smallest of changes make a difference.

  4. Make an Appointment with a Naturopathic Doctor

    Planning to have a baby can be overwhelming; and a Naturopathic Doctor (ND) can help you navigate through this confusing yet exciting time! NDs ensure you are getting the appropriate vitamins and minerals preconception as well as through your pregnancy. They can also help you formulate a birth plan and educate and support you and your partner through all stages of the journey.

  5. Your Support System

    It is important that you have a support system around you. Once the baby arrives the dynamic of your home will change and it is important that you feel supported through this time. Make sure the lines of communication between you and your partner are open, relax and enjoy this special time!

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