“The journey… from pregnancy to meeting your little baby is the most special love story.” ~ Leonie Christiani

Planning to have a baby can be overwhelming; and a Naturopathic Doula can help you navigate through this confusing yet exciting time! Naturopathic Doctor’s and Doulas ensure you are getting the appropriate vitamins and minerals before conception, throughout your pregnancy and postpartum. They assist expecting parents with prenatal care, creating a birth plan and develop treatment plans for both mother and baby after the birth. Naturopathic Doulas provide continuous physical and emotional support and education for you and your partner through all stages of the journey. Having a doula attend your birth can shorten labour, reduce birth complications leading to less intervention and help deliver a healthy baby. The role of the Doula during the birth is to facilitate communication between mom, partner and health care provider. Naturopathic Doulas are able to use various modalities such as homeopathy, botanical medicine and acupressure throughout the various stages of delivery and are trained to work with midwives and/or OB/GYNs in the birth setting of your choice.

Abaton Integrative Medicine has collaborated with other Naturopathic Doulas in the area to start Halton Naturopathic Doulas. This dynamic group will be there to support you during the birth of your child and promote Naturopathic Doula care within the Halton community. For more information about our Doula Services please visit our Facebook page.