Emma Crane

Health and Wellness Coach


My name is Emma Crane and I am a qualified licensed nutritional health and wellness coach.  You might be asking what a nutritional health and wellness coach is and more importantly, how can she help me?

A few years ago I was living what I thought was my best life in terms of health and lifestyle.  I was a busy wife and mother of a beautiful two year old daughter. Unfortunately, life took me on a different path when I became a single mom and I had to hit the ground running being both Mummy and Daddy to a little one who needed undivided attention 24/7.  I knew I had to re-think my day to day life and to hone my skills being single again.  I started a business working from home which allowed me to work, and take care of my daughter without having to find day care.  It is easy to forget about taking care of yourself and balancing your life healthily. Just getting through the day sometimes left me tired and I slipped into the habit of making myself quick easy meals and consequently I put on a few extra pounds which stuck with me for a long time.  I always intended to re-evaluate my choices and to work on improving my lifestyle but as John Lennon so eloquently and brilliantly wrote in one of his songs ‘life is what happens to us while we are busy making other plans’.

One day I was reading an article in the doctor’s office which completely changed my perspective and my life. I was so interested to learn that there are actually two major food groups required to sustain a healthy body. One provides nutrition and health to our physical body and the second to provide and sustain a healthy mind.  Combining these two food groups puts us on the right path to overall health and wellbeing.

Secondary food is the food we eat on a daily basis to stay healthy and strong, nourishing our bodies.
Primary food relates to how we nourish our minds, emotions, relationships, creativity, spirituality, hobbies, friends and family etc.  All of the feel good stuff.

When we combine the two food groups in our life we are empowered, which allows us to enjoy a more fulfilled lifestyle.  Sometimes we just need to re-evaluate both of these groups.  By making lifestyle changes and setting ourselves reasonable and attainable goals. It’s amazing how over a very short period of time you will feel more energized, enthusiastic and happier with your life.

Changing eating habits is a major key to feeling fantastic.  When I started to learn about eating healthier, I became absolutely obsessed with reading labels in the grocery store and shocked sometimes at just what goes into the foods we buy.  It is so easy to eat well in this country and we are fortunate to have local farmer’s markets everywhere.  Get to know the one nearest to you and strike up a relationship with the vendors. They are so helpful and eager to help you make the right decision.  I discovered delicious recipes don’t take long to make and being in the kitchen now is one of my favourite pastimes, especially cooking with my daughter.  There are so many natural and medicinal health benefits in foods.  Eating good food instead of taking pills is proving to be very beneficial.  Guess what!!!!  When you eat well and cut out some of the fillers and preservatives you will see some of those extra pounds start to disappear and you will feel more energized.

Health and wellness has become my passion and I am grateful every day that I read the article that made me so enthusiastic about going back to school to learn everything I can about this very important avenue.  I would love to meet you and chat about how I can help you lead a healthier and happier life.  Taking the first step is the biggest commitment and you can’t help to feel happy when you see results taking place in your life so quickly.

Think of your life as a book.  Here you have a blank page and you get to decide how to write the next chapter…. We all love a happy ending!!!!!!!!

In the meantime, visit my website at  www.360wellnessplan.com