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When I turned 40 I comforted myself by quoting the old saying ‘life begins at forty’.   This used to be true, but with all of the information we have at our fingertips regarding health and wellness I think we can say that 30 is the new forty but in order to take full advantage of this information and benefit from it, we need to pay attention to more than just what we see in the mirror and send the information memo to our body.

As we get older, our bodies start to change and we need to feed it as a whole in order to continue feeling as energetic and youthful as we did in our 20s and 30s.  We need to learn about both primary and secondary foods and how they combine in order to give us a well balanced life and feeling of wellbeing.

One day I was reading an article in the doctor’s office which completely changed my perspective and my life.  I was so interested to learn that there are two major food groups that our bodies need.  One to provide nutrition and health to our physical body and one to provide and sustain a healthy mind which when working together, makes us whole.

Secondary food is the food we eat on a daily basis to stay healthy and   stron nourishing our physical bodies.

Primary food relates to how we nourish our minds, emotions, relationships, creativity, spirituality, hobbies, friends and family etc.  All of the feel good stuff.

When we combine the two food groups in our life we are empowered which allows us to enjoy a more fulfilled lifestyle.  Sometimes we just need to re-evaluate both of these groups. By making lifestyle changes and setting ourselves reasonable and attainable goals. It’s amazing how over a very short period of time you will feel more energized, enthusiastic and happier with your life.

I was so fascinated by the whole concept of mind and body wellness that it   has become my passion and I am grateful every day that I read the article that made me so enthusiastic about going back to school to learn everything I can about this very important subject.

I am sure you have many questions and hopefully by reading the information I have provided below this might help…


A health coach is a professionally trained and educated instructor whose objective is to mentor and help their client to achieve a happy healthy lifestyle, and to teach overall wellness without the use of medication. The program is tailored to suit each individual and to help them achieve their best life and overall wellness plan through nutrition, lifestyle changes and physical exercise.


As your Coach I will ask you what your objectives are and where you would like to make changes in your life.  I will ask you what your primary goals are and then together we will explore the elements and balances you need to change in your life in order to achieve optimum health and well being both physically and spiritually. Taking the first step is always the hardest but the feeling of well being you will experience after learning about healthy choices and nutrition will help you to maintain your goals and follow a lifelong healthy and healing path in the future.


  • Help you set your goals
  • Health and lifestyle coaching i.e. Relationships, family, career, spirituality and physical exercise
  • Weight loss program
  • What and what not to keep in your refrigerator
  • Meal planning
  • Workout program
  • Improved overall health with nutrition and supplements
  • How you reduce stress and anxiety with the appropriate tools
  • Healthy diet and meal planning
  • Goal setting
  • Detoxification
  • Meditation
  • Balancing hormones
  • Improving digestive problems with diet and supplements
  • Healthy recipes
  • Skin care and natural beauty glow using healthy beauty products
  • Personalized counseling and support
  • Listen
  • Conquering Fears
  • Building confidence and self esteem.


  • Initial consultation
  • Two 60 minute sessions per month
  • Recipes for simple healthy meals
  • Metabolic assessment
  • A monthly newsletter with current health tips and recipes
  • Supplement advice
  • Coaching and support
  • Passing along information on helpful new books and reading material on wellness and nutrition
  • Informing you of any events, webinars and workshops in your area related to wellness.
  • An online monthly newsletter with current information, recipes and tips.
  • Email support between sessions


  • Two sixty minute sessions per month to assess progress in areas worked on that month
  • Suggestions and follow ups after each session with suggestions to motivate you in your progress
  • Individual coaching tailored to help you reach your goals to achieve optimum health and wellness and to encourage lifestyle changes
  • Education on how to change your grocery shopping habits by substituting familiar foods with healthy substitutes and options
  • Learning to read ingredient lists to enhance the nutritional value of the items purchased
  • Learning to appreciate how delicious eating clean can be with delicious recipes for your menus


  • 4-6 per group. Meeting two times per month for a minimum of three months
  • Recipes and how to make quick meals with healthy ingredients to benefit overall health
  • Educating yourself about a whole food based diet and elimination of processed foods while preparing healthy meals and snacks for the whole family
  • Education on how to change your grocery purchasing habits by substituting familiar foods with healthier options and substitutes
  • Learning to read ingredient lists to understand and enhance the nutritional value of the food you purchase
  • Teaching and tips on helping your children to understand and enjoy healthy foods and their nutritional value
  • Learning how to be accountable for the changes you make in working towards the goals that will enhance your health and lifestyle
  • Monthly health and wellness events such as webinars, group workshops and any new information that will help you achieve your goals
  • Educational material with recipes, tips and any new information about health and wellness


  • I offer a meal planning program customized to suit your taste with foods that you enjoy and will keep you on the right path to achieving your nutritional goals
  • I will come to your home and together we can organize a pantry makeover
  • I will come with you to the grocery store and help you to choose foods with the most nutritional value for your needs


  • We will work together individually or in a group in a very informal setting to learn how to cook delicious healthy and easy to prepare meals with fresh nutritional ingredients
  • Learn how to enjoy cooking healthy and nutritional International foods that your family will be excited about.  Try Thai, Indian, Mediterranean and Italian recipes
  • Learn to have fun in the kitchen.  My workshops encourage experimenting and asking questions about the ingredients we are using.
  • Enjoy the camaraderie while we prepare, chop and mix ingredients
  • Enjoy a glass of wine with friends while preparing the ingredients or if you prefer with your meal. (or both)

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