IV Therapy
Pre-conception and post-partum care
Drip. Heal. Repeat
IV (Intravenous) Therapy involves the administration of nutrients (including vitamins, minerals and amino acids) directly to the bloodstream. This has many potential benefits compared to oral administration, including:

  • Bypassing the digestive system and liver
  • Ability to provide a higher dosage than the digestive system can absorb
  • Certain nutrients (such as glutathione) have very poor oral absorption
Due to genetics, lifestyle, health state and conditions, an individual can have increased demands beyond what can be achieved through nutrition alone. IV therapy allows our Naturopathic Doctors to provide the individual with nutrients at a therapeutic dose.
IV Therapy for Optimizing Fertility
IV Therapy helps prepare your body to conceive. Whether you have been trying to conceive or haven’t yet started, IV therapy can provide the building blocks for nutrient repletion, hormones, antioxidants and overall wellness. This treatment is beneficial for both men and women. For men, IV therapy for fertility often includes nutrients such as zinc, selenium, B12 and glutathione to improve sperm quality. For females, IV therapy often includes B6, folate, selenium, CoQ10, vitamin C and glutathione to improve egg and embryo quality. IV therapy is also safe and beneficial for those undergoing fertility treatments such as IUI and IVF as it can increase the likelihood of fertilization.
IV Therapy for Post-Partum Mamas
During the post-partum period, your body is undergoing many changes; hormonal fluctuations, reduced sleep, breast milk production and healing. IV therapy nourishes the body to support the healing process and replete vital vitamins and minerals. Some benefits of post-partum IV therapy include: improved energy, balanced mood, increased breast milk production and increased healing time for vaginal and c-section births.
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