Life And Relationship Coaching
What Is A Life Coach?
A certified life coach is a profession unlike a therapist, mentor or consultant. The coaching process is intentionally driven by what the client chooses to work on, not the coach. The focus is often directed towards personal projects, business successes, relationships, family, conflict, or personal development. Converting the confusion into clarity, despair into hope, doubt into to faith and so on.

The life coaching role is to ensure, during session, that the client is in the drivers seat of their own life. This is an essential step to developing confidence and self-esteem for the client. One of the skills a life coach offers to support this transition is to mindfully observe and then facilitate appropriate questions that access the clients own answers within themselves. A coach will then offer skills and techniques that support the client in making a shift sustainable. Much can be accomplished when a co-creative field has been developed for the client to work within. The skills learned will be valuable in every aspect of their life.
When working with a life coach you will:
  • improve your quality of Life
  • learn to trust yourself
  • improve confidence, self-esteem and well-being
  • gain personal freedom
  • manage stress more effectively
  • create a sense of belonging, true love and bonding
  • discover how to go beyond your limitations
Your first coaching session – what to expect
  • will be 60 mins in length
  • explore areas of concern, money, family, relationships, career
  • discuss what’s important to you
  • get a clear understanding of your intentions
  • reframing the information back and discussing next steps
Coaching services
60 minute coaching session
90 minute coaching session
120 minute coaching session

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