Pediatric Osteopathy
What is Pediatric Osteopathy?
At Abaton we are proud to offer osteopathic care that caters to the unique needs of individuals at every stage of life, including pediatrics. Osteopathy is a holistic and hands-on approach to healthcare, focusing on restoring balance within the body to promote optimal well-being.
Osteopathy for All Ages:
Our skilled osteopathic practitioners provide gentle and effective care for patients of all ages, from infants to seniors. For our pediatric patients, we understand the importance of a specialized approach that considers the unique needs of growing bodies.

*** It is essential to treat a newborn within the first week of life, then weekly for the second and third weeks. Osteopathic bodywork can quickly address any birthing traumas and reduce the impact of any dysfunction later on. Newborn treatments target issues that may not be obvious yet but could affect development. Therefore, the benefits of regular check-ups for infants and children are vital.

Common pediatric concerns
• Latching issues, tongue tie manual support.
• Digestive (constipation, diarrhea, spit-ups, excessive drooling).
• Torticollis
• Plagiocephaly (flat head).
• Mouth breathing.
• Congestion in the face.
• Difficult delivery (quick or extended labouring, forceps, vacuum, turning, breech, sunny side up, etc.)
• Milestones
• Overall tightness
• Abnormal gait (walking)
• And more
Key Aspects of Pediatric Osteopathy:
Gentle Techniques: Our practitioners use gentle, age-appropriate techniques to address musculoskeletal issues in infants and children, fostering a positive and comfortable experience.

Developmental Support: Pediatric osteopathy aims to support the healthy development of a child’s musculoskeletal system, promoting proper alignment and function as they grow.

Common Childhood Concerns: From digestive concerns to postural issues and our practitioners are equipped to address a range of common pediatric conditions with a caring and attentive touch.
It takes a village.
Osteopathy is often used in conjunction with other healthcare modalities, such as naturopathic medicine, lactation consulting, pediatric dentistry (tongue tie), chiropractic care, etc.
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