Spinal Flow
What is Spinal Flow?
Spinal Flow is a gentle, yet powerful modality that uses touch to make direct contact with the nervous system. All of our cells, tissues, muscles, organs and systems of the body are controlled by the nervous system.

When we experience a lot of physical, chemical, and/or emotional stressors in our life that are not properly processed by the body, the nervous system gets jammed. This leads to actual blockages in our spine which, overtime, can result in ill health.

The good news is that the body is incredible, and it knows how to heal itself.

As blockages are released, more ease is created in the body, and the body begins to flow – communication between brain, heart and body opens up. This is how the body heals.

This isn’t just about healing from a specific ailment, it’s about changing your life!

What can I expect in a session?
Spinal Flow sessions are safe and gentle but also quite powerful. During the session you may experience various emotions from laughter to crying, vocal outbursts, movement in your body, increased breathing, shaking, inner peace, something else, or not much of anything at all. Please know that this is a safe space where there is no judgement and only healing. This is a time where you can let it all out and allow your body to experience what it needs to. Even if you feel nothing, very likely your body is experiencing tiny vibrations within your spine. Shifts are always happening.
What are the benefits of Spinal Flow?
The possibilities are endless here. Clients can experience everything from feeling calmer, happier, more energized, experiencing better sleep, mental clarity, a release of pain and inflammation, structural/alignment changes, faster recovery time from illness or injury, an increase in performance, digestive relief, hormonal rebalancing, healing from a condition, and more.

Imagine what your body is capable of once blockages release and energy flows through!
Can Spinal Flow help me/my condition?
The focus of Spinal Flow is to release blockages and increase energy flow through the body. The focus is not on a specific ailment per se. For instance, if someone is experiencing a sore shoulder, there is no physical manipulation or work done directly on the shoulder. The focus is on the spine and nervous system. Someone with shoulder pain likely has a spinal blockage. As that blockage releases, the pain will also release. Remember, the nervous system sends signals to all parts of the body – heal the nervous system, heal the body.

This is also the case if someone is experiencing any condition such as fibromyalgia, anxiety, arthritis or more. The focus will always be on the spine/nervous system. Once we connect to that, the body is incredibly smart. It knows exactly what it needs to do, in the order that it needs, to heal.

Just know, Spinal Flow is also beneficial to maintain good health too.
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