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Dominika Gejo
My lifelong passion has always been to help others achieve a symbiotic balance between their Body, Mind and Spirit. For over 14 years I have been healing ailments of physical and spiritual nature for very diverse clients. I have experience with identifying various needs and applying the appropriate steps of the Healing process. I achieve this using many different techniques I have accumulated knowledge of over the years. Mostly, I rely on Reflexology and Intuitive Energy Healing.

My love for the Human Body started at The University of Toronto, where I was studying in the Specialist Program in Neuroscience. Due to unplanned life circumstances, I was only able to complete two years, however I did not give up my dream of healing people. I started working at a Foot Care Centre at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto where I received my certification of professional shoes fitter and professional compression stockings fitter. This is where I first started noticing the connection between the feet and whole body; how the feet were able to mirror our ailments.

To support my journey as a Healer, I acquired my Reflexology Certification through the Ontario College of Reflexology in 2009. I have gained knowledge about human anatomy, physiology and the functioning of various body systems. Through practical studies I have learned to recognize different ailments and how this manifests itself through our feet.

At this point of my journey, I decided to go beyond the physical and take my Reiki level one course. This has broadened my knowledge and improved my ability to heal. From here, I have continued to seek knowledge and attend courses to continuously improve and expand my practice. In 2010 I attended an Introduction to Aromatherapy course, which allowed me to enhance my therapeutic foot massages with the use of essential oils, as well as create an antiseptic solution for cleansing my clients’ feet. In 2012 I attended an Aura Workshop to deepen my understanding of the workings of energy and chakras. In 2018 I complete an 8-week certification course on Intuitive Energy Healing with Dalida Iruoha.

In 2021 I have attended By the Moon School of Holistic Health and have been certified as a Fertility, Pregnancy and Maternity Reflexologist, which has been one of the most rewarding decisions so far in my learning and healing journey.

All of the knowledge and experience I have gathered so far has allowed me to create my own, unique Healing methods and the flexibility to apply all of these modalities to the needs of my clients. My learning journey is still in progress.
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