Melissa Segreto
Integrative Mental Health Coach & Spinal Flow Practitioner
Melissa experienced a “perfect storm” of events that led to her living with chronic illness and a multitude of symptoms for years. This pain brought her to her passion and purpose – helping people heal rapidly from physical and emotional pain by healing their nervous systems.

Melissa received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Wilfrid Laurier University. She went on to be certified as an Integrative Mental Health Coach at the Nickerson Institute, and has certifications in the Spinal Flow Technique, Subconscious Release Technique and Emotional Freedom Technique.

What she now knows is that anyone struggling with their health has something in common – a build up of physical, chemical and/or emotional stress in their bodies. These layers of stress create blockages in the spine which, over time, lead to pain, illness and disease.

Spinal Flow Technique is a powerful healing modality that uses gentle touch on the nervous system to reconnect the body to its innate intelligence (its life force energy) so that layers of stress release, blockages dissolve, and ease and wellness expand in the body.

This is used in conjunction with health coaching to produce rapid positive changes, and to prevent re-creating the same stressors that led to illness in the first place.

The body doesn’t need “fixing” because it is so clever! Once we reconnect it to its innate intelligence and remove the interference, healing can unfold naturally.

Curious how this can help you?

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